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Febbraio 2019
Prefazione di Piero Cipriano
224 pp.
EAN 9788833020372
More and more often we resort to a psychiatrist as a handyman, someone able to solve problems that no one knows who else might be able to solve.

Lorenza Ronzano

The human

Based on the tradition of civil testimonies and criticism of the total institutions, this field research starts from considerations, notes and dialogues collected by the author during her work as a philosophical consultant at the Day Hospital of a psychiatric ward. Thanks to this very concrete daily experience, the essay questions the paradigm of contemporary psychiatry, which limits itself to bringing every mental disease back to a neuronal dysfunction, proposing pharmacological therapy as the only cure. But an inner malaise is not always synonymous with (psychiatric) illness. People's sufferings derive in most cases from real social problems such as unemployment, economic hardship, loneliness, lack of care, all issues that psychiatry can not solve in any way. The main purpose of the essay is therefore to restore dignity to those who suffer, in the light of a more human understanding of psychological distress.

LORENZA RONZANO has taught Italian literature in various public and private schools, and then worked as a philosophical consultant in the psychiatric ward of the Alessandria Hospital. In 2014 she debuted with the novel Zolfo (Campiello selection, finalist of the Alvaro Award 2015).
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