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traduzione italiana di Guido Lagomarsino

prefazione di Andrea Staid
128 pp.
EAN 9788896904060
Contro il lavoro

Against Work

Foreword by Andrea Staid

Work as this is the best police and held in check each individual. It extremely wears a great deal of nervous energy and subtracts it to reflection, to puzzling, to dream, to worry, to loving and hating.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Challenging work means questioning the meaning of life. Work, in fact, contributes to define identity of any individual and his/her place in the world. Yet, despite this pervasive presence in lives and in society, work is far from expressing our creativity, and prevents us above all from experiencing richer and more articulated relationships. In contemporary society, this fundamental human activity is now only a functional tool in the mechanisms of consumer society and its induced desires, which has reduced us to zombies working frantically to consume even more frantically. In this radical critique (in its etymological sense) of the work, Godard deconstructs particularly those ideologies – based on Protestant ethic, but also the socialist ethic of work – which for two centuries are glued as a curse to the body of modernity.

Philippe Godard has been editor for different children book publishers. For many years he has been involved in studies about work and in particular he has written essays about child exploitation.

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