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Commercio del sesso e controllo statale

200 pp.
EAN 9788885060937

keywords: non-fiction, gender studies

Donne di mondo (literarly world's women)  is a way of describing prostitutes – as they are the propriety of anyone and their lives are opposed to religious dictates.
But also because they move and make their trade far away from their homes. This is the prevailing meaning of the term today – most prostitutes are emigrants from the poorest regions of the globe. This book is about them and the continuous attempts by the State to control sexual trade.

Daniela Danna (1967) teaches in the Faculty of Sociology at the Milan University. She is researcher in gender studies, with a special interest in gay an lesbians' stories and problems. With elčuthera she has also published Gynocide. Violence against women in the global era (2006).
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Fri 15 Oct 2004 - Narcomafie
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Domenica 17 ottobre ore 15 - Dibattito su DONNE DI MONDO - Pisa, Festival del Libro, Stazione Leopolda
Giovedě 28 ottobre 2004, h. 21 - Presentazione di DONNE DI MONDO - Bologna, libreria Modo Infoshop
Venerdě 3 dicembre h. 21 - Presentazione del volume "DONNE DI MONDO" - Milano, Circolo dei malfattori
Venerdě 25 febbraio 2005 ore 21 - Presentazione di DONNE DI MONDO - Bergamo, Spazio anarchico UNDERGROUND
Domenica 10 aprile 2005, ore 16.30 - Presentazione di DONNE DI MONDO - Libreria Babele, Milano